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The unit

We are a special-interest Air-soft military organization dealing with the past and the present of The US armed forces and other elite units from around the world. We are especially devoted to the reconnaissance units of The United States Marine Corps.

In our units, every appropriately interested person, who is to be accepted can test his efficacy for US Marines duty. Physical readiness, physical resistance and all the qualities which every man should have such as independence, self-esteem, courage, integrity, responsibility etc. are supported.

We offer training and improvement in these areas:

  • land navigation and map reading, because we reconnaissance unit and each individual must be capable of navigating by night and day.
  • rules and principles of infantry combat (shooting team technique and squad, move in formation, stealth field, masking techniques, CQB,
  • using radiorecievers, rules or radiocommunication
  • trained pyrotechnic
  • shooting skills with real weapons (pistol .22 LR, 9mm, .45) Rifle (.22 LR, 7.62, shotguns ...)
  • basics of self defense and health education with training in KPCR trainer
  • climbing and rappelling training
  • Water operation of motor boats
  • use years of experience from AS scenes
  • operation throughout Czech Republic, cooperation with major military and MilSim units

An “Esprit de corps“ is supported by all of us. We are proud of our unit and of our friends, as well as of the marine corps as a whole. The "Spirit" of the unit is reflected by all of its members. The relationship between our members is based not only on the rank and time spent in the service, but usually on friendship, respect and loyalty. We do not suffer any self-seeking, vexed, or " I'm an old hand at this" behavior. Regardless of rank "everybody does the work, and everybody enjoys themselves".

In marine corps is every man a marine

We are founding member of Marine Corps Warfare League
We are active member ofUSMC & USN Re-enactors Asociation