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Who we are?

For many people is AIRSOFT an interesting hobby. For many people it is an unordinary sport with many possibilities for action activities.

For us is AIRSOFT chance to simulate real combat operation. Thanks to AIRSOFT's guns it is not necessary for every action look for new antagonists. Otherwise, our conception of the action itself does not differ from reality of war conflict of low intensity (of course artillery and air force support is missing).

AIRSOFT gun is for some participants the only necessary equipment for the action.

Our Soldier has to have approved gun, original equipment and be trained enough.

Somebody goes to shoot as many enemies as possible and show himself as an "Action Hero".

Our soldier exactly performs mission orders as a part of team . If mission requires to shoot one more person he does it. If it is secret mission without shooting he doesn't shoot.

For some groups of AIRSOFT shooters is best to come by car directly to the place of fight(The closer it is, the better), where they shoot couple times over heap of sand and in the evening they celebrate victory or loss together in a pub.

We carry the whole our equipment on our back, transport by train or by car ends (according to the character of action) differently far from the border of combat territory. There follows tactical move to the position, the whole unit is "in action".

We don't wait for someone who calls: "Let's play!".

We dont play as the others.

We fight and kill those "motherfuckers".


1.1.2003 members of C Co, 1st Reconnaisance battalion are transfered to 1st Force Recon Co, 1MEF, MARFORPAC